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Sometimes it takes a leap of faith accepting that He will provide!
You never know the blessings you may receive!


IN MY NAME, WELCOMES ME." Matthew 18:5


Friday, August 1, 2008

Day 19 - August 1 Swearing In Day!

We woke up to beautiful blue skies in Guangzhou!!! There was only one other family in the dining room this morning all the others had left early in the morning for home. We had a leisurely morning, walked around the Island a little and ate lunch at Lucy's. I got the boys their first chocolate milkshake! Although to me it was like chocolate milk that had been whipped up.

We were the only family that our guide had at the swearing in so she was able to talk with the boys a lot. For some reason Max still thinks that he is going to America tomorrow and he will not see me any more and he said that makes him sad. Our guide told him I would be his Mommy forever!!! Then he wanted to know if he was going to school and I would leave him there. She told him if he went to school I would take him and pick him up, he would not stay at the school. It sounds like from what he has told her that he has been moved around a lot. He told her he did not have a Mom and Dad and that he is a orphan and has no home! She said he was very matter of fact about it! It just makes my heart break that any child should have to go through that and hopefully soon he will start to understand forever! I will be his Mama FOREVER!!!

By the way Baba, he told our guide that he talks to his Baba everyday in America and that his Baba is very handsome man!

The first four pictures are just some the streets on the island. Then the next picture is the boys walking to Lucy's for lunch! I thought it was cute that they were holding hands. Marc was holding my hand and was upset that I let go of his hand to take the picture.

Lunch at Lucy's and the first milkshake!

There are several artists around China that paint like this using the side of their hand the palm, fingers and fingernails. They make beautiful pictures with great detail.

The above picture is taken from the steps of the building the US Embassy is in where we go for the Visa. I was surprised to see Ikea right next door. So after our swearing in we decided to visit Ikea. After walking through it we got ice cream cones just like Ikea at home only these were much smaller but the ice cream was better. Probably because it was so hot outside that it tasted great!!! The lady making the cones did several at once. The picture below she is doing 4 at one time.

This guy was a street vendor right outside Ikea. He sat down right at the edge of the sidewalk with his two baskets.


Bekah Mommy to 3 said...

Oh I miss China!!!!! I want to go back thank you so much for pisting so many pics. I can't believe we were only there in Ict and yet it feels like so long ago. I know that Max will soon start to feel forever it is our prayers that they start to feel God's love even if they don't understand yet. But that wiil allow then to understand that they are and have always been your children.
God Bless you and know that your being lifted up daily!

mama d said...

Just a note to say that your boys are so cute! I've been watching how they've bonded to you and it's so wonderful.

We have a XiangQi at home, too. Our son's name means, "like jade."

All best.

Cindi Campbell said...

Oh, Gosh! Max does take my heart away. I am thankful he has a mom like you now. He is not an orphan any more. Blessings, Cindi

Dori's Mommy (Diana) said...

Looks like another great day with your precious boys!

Starla said...

Praying that sweet Max will soon realize that you are his forever mommy, and daddy will be there too. How great it will be when he actually realizes this. Praying that you will have a great flight home, and great reunin with the family. Starla

Anonymous said...

So glad you are coming home tomorrow - you are probably about to leave soon.
Max will soon understand - but i am sure trust and healing of the heart will take some time for him.
I have so enjoyed watching this adventure of your expanding family it was nice talking to you so briefly Wed night. Trying to see you at the airport...

Anonymous said...

I am sure you are already on your way home. We are praying for your journey. And I know the rest of your family is excited to have you home.
Both boys are so sweet and Max will soon begin to see what a great family he is a part of....forever!