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Sometimes it takes a leap of faith accepting that He will provide!
You never know the blessings you may receive!


IN MY NAME, WELCOMES ME." Matthew 18:5


Thursday, July 31, 2008

Day 18 - July 31 CA

Today we got to do a little touring and went to the Temple of the Six Banyan Trees, an active Buddhist Temple in Guangzhou. It has changed since I was there the summer of 2005, they were doing some maintenance and remodel last time. The picture right below was taken from a raised highway through Guangzhou. I thought the house right beside the highway was interesting, I would not want to live there though.

Here is some laundry hanging out to dry. Our guide said most people cannot afford a cloths dryer so they just hang it our this way and it dries real well. We had a major downpour shortly after this picture was taken so I do not know if they got it in or it got soaked again.

These next pictures are taken at the buddhist temple.

This wall was just being built last time we were there. The boys are looking at huge gold fish down in the water.

While we were there someone made a huge donation and the priests came out to bless it and say a prayer for the donor.

The boys were very fascinated by the fish in the water and they kept coming back to it. I was afraid one or both of them would end up in it. Accidentally or on purpose but fortunately they stayed dry except for the sweat. While here our guide told me they just accepted our paperwork and everything is good for the passport, so tomorrow is the swearing in for the boys!!

he picture below is in the pearl market. The boys were more interested in the chairs that twirled than the pearls! It was so hot and humid you can see the sweat on Max's face.

Red Couch Pictures!


Melissa Wagner said...

Hi Debby,

A friend of mine passed along your blog and all I can say is WOW! We adopted our youngest from China in 2005 and still hope to go back for a son. I have loved reading your posts and can't imagine your journey! Good luck with everything and safe travels home!

God Bless!
Melissa Wagner
mom to Julia Renee YinGui from Xianning City, Hubei

Anonymous said...

Hi Debby,

PTL to your paperwork being done and the swearing in tomorrow! You are so ready to be back in Seattle I know!! Your young men look so handsome in their outfits on the red coach! It's cool and 69 here today. Think Cool!!
(Dalian Group)

Anonymous said...

Your journey continues to be a true blessing to us and so many following you on this adventure. It's amazing to see how the boys are happy in the pictures.

He has made everything beautiful in its time... Ecc 3:11...

Melissa, mama to Isaac and Jonah

PS: There's something in the mail to your agency... God is good!

-Sheri & David said...

Wow! I love the pics of the boys eating. Their smiles just look like boys who are loved. It's amazing to me how much love can change the facial expressions of a child so quickly.
I've been following the blog since I saw your post on AdoptCleft. and you were so sweet to offer me your contact at Smile Train. I couldn't believe you were doing that from China....alone...with two boys... You go girl. Mamma's are something!!!! Especially you

Kingwood, TX

Cynthia said...

Debbie YEA! Swearing in is almost here. I didn't realize you were in Seattle also. After you get home and settled maybe we can do a playdate.

Love the red couch photos! Glad no one ended up in the water.

Lindsey's mom said...

I have been following your blog! I adopted Lindsey Li July 2007. I love seeing the photos and it brings me back to when we were in China. You are an inspiration!
Kathy T