When God calls you must be willing to say "Here I am send me!"
Sometimes it takes a leap of faith accepting that He will provide!
You never know the blessings you may receive!


IN MY NAME, WELCOMES ME." Matthew 18:5


Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Day 17 - July 30

Last night July 29 our guide came to our room and we did the papers for the consulate appointment. She was going to see if they would do it today but they said no. They did check it over to make sure we had all the documents and found out we had to do a couple more since they wanted everything for both boys files as if it was alone. So that is all taken care of and tomorrows CA should be no problem!

This trip has really been a test of faith, but God has always worked things out and used some wonderful people to bless us along the way!!!

Today was pretty much a free day and we looked around the island a lot. Many people are very surprised we got two boys at one time. They keep asking now which one this time? I keep saying both and they look at me like I must not have understood them.

The following three pictures are of Beatrice's and it is truly closed. Then the row of shops that were right by the White Swan are also not there. We have heard conflicting things. Some have said the government made them close as they were below ground and another report I had said a company bought out the building and is going to renovate it.

I did find Susan's Place and had wonderful tea while the boys played. They had a great time and I enjoyed myself in front of an air conditioner. The tea was wonderful!

The Cow and Bridge is still there and still has wonderful food. That was my one splurge on food on this trip and it was very good.

A very hot Mama and her sweet little boys (most of the time)!


Bogi said...

went to pick up the phone to call you the other day, than remembered - oh you are in china.... I love the updates, feels like i'm sharing in picking them up. Love you, Joleen

Cynthia said...

Love the photos! Man do I remember Cow & Bridge was it YUMMY! Does the WS still have the bakery? We got a lot of loafs of quick bread's there for snacks/breakfasts. We stayed at the Victory Hotel and their buffet was not that great so we'd get stuff from the bakery and eat it in our room.

Almost time to come home. Praying for a smooth journey.

Anonymous said...

Fellow LCC member here. I've enjoyed traveling back to China with you thru you blog. I would love to know if all the shops across the street from the WS are closed. I regret not taking a picture of that street and the street that Sherry's place is on.

I'll be praying that you have a safe and calm flight home with the boys.

Steph in KY
DD - Cari (Hunan) 2 yrs old